This blog is about personal growth and development.

Sometimes you have to thrust yourself into the world and learn how to fly on your own. Along the way you learn lessons that inspire you and what you take from them will give you wind to soar.

I aspire to share my experiences, build dialogue and awareness around issues facing our communities and individual lives, and create a safe space to not feel alone in your own thoughts.

Herbirthmarks is also a place to share moments, opinions, hobbies, and things that inspire me, which in the grand scheme of things, allows me to appreciate life and keep moving forward.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I’d like to nominate your blog for the Liebster award which recognizes up and coming blogs (generally those with less than 200 followers), and hopefully drives more traffic your way when I provide a link for my readers/followers. I’m planning a post (probably for Monday or Tuesday) that outlines the recognition. Would you accept? If so, shoot me an email at joebrasst@gmail.com. Sorry I couldn’t find a different way to contact you.

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